On 22.12.2011 23:32 , Marc wrote:

It's a patch from yaVDR and it doesn't apply to the vdr source tree as
is (at least for me). The second patch works on gentoo ebuild with small
changes (It conflicts with other patches and need some changes for
config.c & config.h part).

I tried the second too but it crashes vdr when I try to pause. I didn't
tested a lot.

Hi Marc,

It's a shame that it did not work.. I wonder in which order the patches are added to VDR in a normal gentoo compilation-processs. Is the VDR_LOCAL_PATCHES_DIR applied as last in the row of patches, or is this first? I assume that if eg. this patch comes in as the last patch, I need to adjust this patch to match possible changes in the source made by other patches..

It would be great if this patch could be re-added into Gentoo as a default use-flag... This patch was (and still IS) a really great feature! :-)


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