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gimli <gi...@dark-green.com> wrote:

> Two things to mention about vaapi :
> 1.) Use xf86-video-intel-2.15.0

Do you mean at least 2.15, or are there problems with later versions
like 2.17?

> 2.) Forget sxfe in combination with vaapi. sxfe plays bad tricks with
> the stream and is not able to do a clean reinitialize of the output
> when the stream is changing.

Another issue is compositing. This is the future of window management
and some people like (OK, tolerate) GNOME 3 and even Unity, so saying,
"Don't use compositing" isn't good enough long term IMO. On my Ion
2-based nettop I can watch video in GNOME 3 OK, but I'm not sure vsync
works with it OK on my NVidia 8200-based HTPC. I don't mind using xfce4
on that for now, because I don't use it for much else. But I've got two
other machines with Intel graphics on which I'd rather use GNOME 3 than
xfce4 and still be able to watch video without tearing, and I haven't
managed that so far :-(.

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