On 23.12.2011 14:27 , Marc wrote:
There is a typo error in vdr.c but that's all.

For gentoo users, I attached the patches I use. I relocated some hunk of
config.c and config.h and renamed USE_LIVEBUFFER to LIVEBUFFER in Makefile.

Patch the ebuild and put the other patch in
/etc/portage/patches/media-video/vdr-1.7.21 (I use the epatch_user tool
instead of the script, see the ebuild patch).

Hi Marc,

I'm having trouble in getting the patch you posted to work in my setup. Could you please check if you find something that i screwed up?


I have saved the patch as: 0001-opt-96-livebuffer12-rmm.dpatch-rebased-onto-1.7.21.patch

What i did was that i deleted the message-headers etc from the file, and left the first row to be: diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile

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