On 01.01.2012 20:23 , Marc wrote:
Hi René,

You can watch the output of the patch
and see where it fails.

vdr 1.7.22 is out now on vdr-devel overlay. I'll post an updated patch
for it tomorrow. It could work better on your configuration.

Hi Marc,

I pasted the output over here: http://pastebin.com/8eMsEuMf

It looks that it can't find the files to patch. Maybe the patch was not compatible with Gentoo?

It would be great if you could send an updated ebuild to 1.7.22 :-) I really miss the days when i updated my vdr on every release.. Now i have been "stuck" with 1.6.x for ages..

Do you think that it would be possible to add the livebuffer-patch back to the official gentoo overlay? Even better if it could be added as a basic feature of vdr (that could be turned on/off from the settings :-) Klaus? Please, please, pleaaaaase :-)



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