On 4 January 2012 08:54, Damien Bally <bir...@free.fr> wrote:
> I got a BCM70015 card working with vdr-xineliboutput by using the crystalhd
> plugin for xine here :
> http://crystalhd.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/crystalhd/branches/xine-plugin-crystalhd-ffmpeg/
> It works reliably with h.264 dvb-t streams on my D945GSEJT motherboard with
> not more than 30% CPU usage. The media player also works, even if it gets
> somewhat unresponsive when you try to fast forward or rewind some HD files.

What does interlaced material look like? I'd assume you could use
tvtime output plugins to do deinterlacing, although it would increase
cpu usage?


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