On 07.01.2012 17:27 , Marc wrote:

The problem come from the livebuffer patch. It redefines cTimer::cTimer
to add the length of the already buffered stream so when the instant
recording start, it records the buffer too :
+ cTimer(bool Instant = false, bool Pause = false, cChannel *Channel =
NULL, int Forerun = 0);
cTimer(bool Instant = false, bool Pause = false, cChannel *Channel = NULL);
+#endif /*USE_LIVEBUFFER*/

This feature can be removed easily (it's not really useful), I attach a
modified version of the livebuffer patch.

Thanks Udo for pointing to the right direction.

Hi Marc,

The patch compiles now fine, but when activating livebuffer, vdr crashes with the following in the logs:

Jan 7 23:13:54 vdr kernel: vdr[27487]: segfault at 0 ip b73c5ab1 sp bf86f5ac error 4 in libc-2.13.so[b734a000+167000]
Jan  7 23:13:54 vdr vdr: [27487] Enter timeshift at 17917 / 17918
Jan  7 23:13:54 vdr vdr: [27487] replay /video0/LiveBuffer
Jan  7 23:13:54 vdr vdr: [27487] playing '/video0/LiveBuffer/00001.ts'
Jan  7 23:13:54 vdr vdr: [27487] resuming replay at index 17917 (0:11:56.18)
Jan  7 23:13:54 vdr lircd-0.8.7[2859]: removed client
Jan  7 23:13:55 vdr vdrwatchdog[28245]: restarting VDR

Now it's still vdrburn that fails to start with

Jan 7 23:14:00 vdr vdr: [28417] ERROR: /usr/lib/vdr/plugins/libvdr-burn.so.1.7.22: undefined symbol: _ZN8vdr_burn13chain_archiveC1ERNS_3jobE

Any idea why this happens?

Is there btw a final 2.0 ebuild for vdrburn (http://projects.vdr-developer.org/news/155) available somewhere? I would love to get the beta5 updated...



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