On 08.01.2012 10:44 , Marc wrote:
Yes, it works like this but it's a temporary workaround. I checked
what Udo say and this is the real problem, the USE_LIVEBUFFER flag is
not in use when the plugins are compiled. I don't know how to
propagate this flag with portage. This would be a better solution.

Hi Marc,

I have USE_LIVEBUFFER=1 in /etc/make.conf, but this then does not seem to work correctly?

Is the forwads/backward feature also part of this problem, or is it just me who has this problem..

Has vdr-1.7 btw more resource-requirements than vdr-1.6? I still run my vdr on an epia mii 12000 board with 1gb memory. The 1.7 version of vdr has much more problem in keeping the palyback in sync. Also live-tv has problems keeping in sync. The sound is very often seconds behind the image...

To keep my family happy, I was now forced to revert back to 1.6, cause my wife does not like the problem with sound being out of sync.. Also the rewinding/forwading the watched program/recording started to get on her nervs ;-)


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