On 08/01/2012 13:26, René wrote:
On 08.01.2012 10:44 , Marc wrote:
Yes, it works like this but it's a temporary workaround. I checked
what Udo say and this is the real problem, the USE_LIVEBUFFER flag is
not in use when the plugins are compiled. I don't know how to
propagate this flag with portage. This would be a better solution.

Hi Marc,

I have USE_LIVEBUFFER=1 in /etc/make.conf, but this then does not seem to work correctly?
The problem is to know how to tell portage to add this flag to gcc. With the others flags, this is done automatically, probably by the scripts launched in the ebuilds. I don't know how to do the same thing for local patches.

Is the forwads/backward feature also part of this problem, or is it just me who has this problem..
I don't have this problem, I can't tell. I can use forward/backward on records and livebuffer.

Has vdr-1.7 btw more resource-requirements than vdr-1.6? I still run my vdr on an epia mii 12000 board with 1gb memory. The 1.7 version of vdr has much more problem in keeping the palyback in sync. Also live-tv has problems keeping in sync. The sound is very often seconds behind the image...

vdr itself take very low resources, it's the rendering witch require some resources. I use a nvidia card so all this part is handled by vdpau and, even in hd, my cpu has almost no load.



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