Hello klaus

I tested status 3 handling against:
- vdr-1.7.0, vdr-1.7.1, vdr-1.7.2
- vdr-1.6.0
- vdr-1.5.14

None of them showed a reaction during "status 3" , only syslog and dvbsnoop point out that this event is pausing.

Any pointers where to look at in the code?

On 11.01.2012 16:37, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

Actually it used to work this way, and I guess it still should,
but it looks like this has been broken by some other change.

Maybe you could try some older versions (starting with 1.7.0) and
try to find out the two versions between which this has been broken.
That would help a lot in fixing this.

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