> At least when I started to use VDR a long time ago, channels.conf pretty
much *had* to be created with tools that weren't included with VDR ("scan"
or something like that from dvb-apps). 
> I haven't checked recently, but I suspect it's the same these days.

Well that is an other question and valid argument, why is there no
sufficient solution to scan for channels in VDR, like is quit normal on
commercial solution. Not that I like to have a stupid on, which provides me
4000 channels from satellite, whereas only 40-80 or so are really relevent
for me and do have trouble to sort it out laters, like it is also quit
normal on commercial solutions.

There is at a command line tool available, "w_scan" or a plugin
"vdr-plugin-wirbelscan". But yes I can go with the thought, this should be
rather a nativ VDR function.

But this will be pretty difficult to implement, since VDR runs with a
uncounted number of DVB devices. Whereas commercial solutions do need to
work just with their one and only DVB device type. It doesn't matter if it
is avaiblable with DVB-C/T/S receivers, it's always just one type. So the
software does need to be able to run with 3 different DVB type in max. and
not with a thousend or so ...


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