On 25/01/2012 14:59, Tobi wrote:
On 25.01.2012 13:24, Tobi wrote:

Did this now. The info file says 25 fps, the index files is 179512 bytes
big, VDR says the recording is 15min long, but the recording was 10
TSDoctor says 25fps interlaced and gives a length of 09:47

Sorry to interrupt, but I have a similar issue with 1 HD channel, the stream format changes during play and VDR shows a wrong length. At first, I though it was a frontend issue (I use xineliboutput) but perhaps it's the same issue. If this is the case, the channel is free (TF1 HD) but it uses H264+EAC formats and I don't know where is the support for these formats.



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