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Richard Scobie <r.sco...@clear.net.nz> wrote:

> I have just managed to get an S2-6400 based vdr sytem up and running
> and am trying to work out how I can use the second tuner.
> Currently I have a diseqc switch with two dishes connected to tuner
> 1, which works now I use the "-D 0" vdr option.
> I did think that adding "0:" to the top of diseqc.conf file would
> force it to use the first tuner, but this does not work.
> In any case, if I add another dish to tuner 2, how do I inform vdr
> what sources are available on it?
> I get the impression that a plugin may be required, but I can't see 
> anything suitable on the Wiki plugin page.
> Any help would be appreciated.

Usually you connect the same source to the second tuner (using
multiswitch) or in case nothing like that exist you could use
channelbonding, using both tuner at the same cable with some additional
hardware for a few dollar. Having different sattelites on different
tuners is a bit unusual, but possibly you could configure that by using
the ca value in the channels.conf - or checking the dynamite plugin
which resently got added something like that. I believe there has been
recently posted some basic plugin which could be adapted to what you
want as well. (would need to search for it)

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