I suggest to add the following consts:

----------------------------------- device.h
index e2ff812..cba70e5 100644
@@ -495,11 +495,11 @@ public:
        ///< is more than one audio track.
   int NumSubtitleTracks(void) const;
        ///< Returns the number of subtitle tracks that are currently
-  eTrackType GetCurrentAudioTrack(void) { return currentAudioTrack; }
+  eTrackType GetCurrentAudioTrack(void) const { return currentAudioTrack; }
   bool SetCurrentAudioTrack(eTrackType Type);
        ///< Sets the current audio track to the given Type.
        ///< \return Returns true if Type is a valid audio track, false
-  eTrackType GetCurrentSubtitleTrack(void) { return currentSubtitleTrack; }
+  eTrackType GetCurrentSubtitleTrack(void) const { return
currentSubtitleTrack; }
   bool SetCurrentSubtitleTrack(eTrackType Type, bool Manual = false);
        ///< Sets the current subtitle track to the given Type.
        ///< IF Manual is true, no automatic preferred subtitle language

This simplifies usage of these getters in cStatus::ChannelSwitch and
similar methods.

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