On 19.02.2012 20:45, Joerg Riechardt wrote:
Am 19.02.2012 19:51, schrieb Joerg Riechardt:
when I replay a recording with 1.7.24 and switch several times from
replay to fast replay and back, it takes too long until VDR responds to
the remote. Happens with old recordings and recordings made with 1.7.24.
With 1.7.23 no problem.

This happens with the vdr-xine plugin only.
With softhddevice or xineliboutput it is ok.

It also works fine with the TT S2-6400.

The only thing I could image to be causing this are the changes
in dvbplayer.c regarding "Fixed a possible deadlock in time shift mode".
Can you please try with dvbplayer.[hc] from version 1.7.23?
This will also remove the fix for pausing live video, but that should be
independent from this problem.

Oh, and just to make sure: you haven't applied any other patches, have you?


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