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> On 23.02.2012 06:47, Heikki Manninen wrote:
>> Hello, here's my current setup:
>> 1 x Satelco DVB-C Budget with CI + CAM (Conax CIv1)
>> 1 x Satelco DVB-C Bidget wuthout CI
>> When recording FTA channels VDR seems to sometimes select the one adapter
>> with CI. It would make sense to always try to use non-CI equipped adapter
>> for these recordings leaving the one with CI free for live viewing/recording
>> encrypted channels.
>> Any way to achieve this through configuration?
> Actually VDR is supposed to avoid devices with CI for FTA recordings:
>  imp <<= 1; imp |= NumUsableSlots ? 0 : device[i]->HasCi(); // avoid cards
> with Common Interface for FTA channels
> If this doesn't work on your system, you may want to debug the function
>  cDevice::GetDevice(const cChannel *Channel, int Priority, bool LiveView)
> to see why it selects sich a device when it shouldn't.

Ok, will do.

Before I had a CI with both Satelco cards but only one of them had the
actual CAM installed. Would that have caused problems?

Could it be that if the other card is busy doing live viewing or
transponder scanning, VDR selects the CI-enabled device for recording?
I would still prefer the non-CI device even if it would cause retuning
of the channel that is being viewed.

Heikki M

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