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Hello, here's my current setup:

1 x Satelco DVB-C Budget with CI + CAM (Conax CIv1)
1 x Satelco DVB-C Bidget wuthout CI

When recording FTA channels VDR seems to sometimes select the one adapter
with CI. It would make sense to always try to use non-CI equipped adapter
for these recordings leaving the one with CI free for live viewing/recording
encrypted channels.

Any way to achieve this through configuration?

Actually VDR is supposed to avoid devices with CI for FTA recordings:

  imp<<= 1; imp |= NumUsableSlots ? 0 : device[i]->HasCi(); // avoid cards
with Common Interface for FTA channels

If this doesn't work on your system, you may want to debug the function

  cDevice::GetDevice(const cChannel *Channel, int Priority, bool LiveView)

to see why it selects sich a device when it shouldn't.

Ok, will do.

Before I had a CI with both Satelco cards but only one of them had the
actual CAM installed. Would that have caused problems?

I don't think so.

Could it be that if the other card is busy doing live viewing or
transponder scanning, VDR selects the CI-enabled device for recording?
I would still prefer the non-CI device even if it would cause retuning
of the channel that is being viewed.

Live viewing should not stop VDR from using a device that has a CI for
recording an FTA channel. However, if there is a cReceiver attached to
the on-CI device for any reason, that might keep it from being used.

Just check what's actually happening in the GetDevice() function.


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