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> Am 23.02.2012 19:36, schrieb Magnus Hörlin:
>> This is an interesting topic and I have had exactly the same ideas. But
>> I think this violates Klaus's "Keep it simple" philosophy and (as usual)
>> I tend to agree with him.
> If you've ever read the algorithm that picks the best possible device
> for a recording, you'd probably agreed that we're already way too far
> from keeping it simple. These rules are already way too complex. Adding
> the complexity of choosing from different quality sources and
> up/downgrading other receivers would probably push this a lot further
> towards insanity.

Even without the primarylimit it's still deadly complex. The very
clever programming syntax used for the device selection makes it very
difficult to understand and also to debug.

I have an old idea in my head but I've never taken the time to do so,
it's also quite erratic: disable channel and device management and
allow an external program to decide how to deal with devices and
I wouldn't want to start from scratch and work around dvbstreamer,
vdr and its plugins are wonderful ! I love it ! (it's just the device
and channel management that are too limited imho)

I'm not really into C++, it might already be possible to let plugins
take over the channel and device management but i doubt it.

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