On Dienstag 28 Februar 2012, Eric Valette wrote:
> On 02/28/2012 11:24 AM, Gero wrote:
> > I think, many vdr-users crave for redesign and I'm sure, that some users
> > are willing to participate.
> I drooped vdr in favor of tvheadend just for many of the design reason ...

Whow - I'm impressed ;)

Installation and configuration (!) - really sexy.

... but it's not that dau-proof than vdr-distributions like linVDR or yaVDR, 
so I think it could be a good template for future vdr-development, but not 
serve as a vdr-replacement.
At least I think, that OSD is a must have.

Generation of channel-list - so fast and easy (just few mouseclicks)
 - I never could imagine such an ease of usage.

I think it would be hard to beat that configuration in ease of use, flexibility 
and supported variants. With the webinterface its already ready for using 
android as remote :O

challenging goal ;)

kind regards 


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