On 29.2.2012, at 13.18, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> On 29.02.2012 12:13, Heikki Manninen wrote:
>> I have a number of different Conax CAM modules from different manufacturers 
>> and all of them disappear from VDR after a couple of days running. Hitting 
>> CAM reset on the CI menu will bring it back "online". Naturally all Conax 
>> channel recordings will fail silently as a result of this until the CAM has 
>> been brought back up. Switching to an encrypted channel just gives the 
>> standard "channel not available" message.
>> This happens (for me) with Satelco DVB-C card with Satelco CI. From what I 
>> understand, this seems to be a common problem though I'm not sure whether it 
>> is limited to Satelco devices only.
>> Would it be possible to force CAM reset on all CI slots when VDR is trying 
>> to start recording non-FTA channel?
> Wouldn't it be better to fix the actual problem and prevent
> the CAM from "disappearing"?

Of course as always. But we don't live in a perfect world ;)

I'm not too happy about the idea to start testing different DVB card/CI combos 
on my own expense to find one that works. Especially nowadays when finding 
non-USB/Linux supported tuners for cable reception is next to impossible.

Heikki M
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