There is an issue in the VDR's subtitle antialiasing. Finnish www.linuxtv.fi site can be found the patch, which fixed the problem in my VDR configuration.

Link to patch -> http://www.linuxtv.fi/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4618&start=30


On 29.2.2012 15:52, Kartsa wrote:

Lately I have been noticing that the fg color of the DVB subtitles
changes irregularly between white, grey and black. If there is more than
one line the lines may have different colors but the whole line is the
same color. This is seen in Finnish YLE channels. Is there some setting
for this? I was in the impression that color mapping should come with
the subtitles but it would seem strange if they would change the color

Is this a broadcast issue or a VDR issue?

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS.

I've installed all from yavdr-stable repository and these are the
installed components
vdr (1.7.20/1.7.20)
vompserver (0.3.1-3)
femon (1.7.10)
osdteletext (0.9.1)
epgsearch (1.0.0)
burn (0.2.0-beta7)
pvrinput (2011-08-18)
wirbelscan (0.0.7-pre01)
vdrrip (0.3.0)
conflictcheckonly (0.0.1)
quickepgsearch (0.0.1)
undelete (0.0.6)
streamdev-server (0.5.1-git)
webvideo (0.4.4)
xineliboutput (1.0.90-cvs)
dvd (0.3.6-b03)
epgsearchonly (0.0.1)
skinsoppalusikka (1.7.2)
ttxtsubs (0.2.3)

Player is vdr-sxfe 1.0.90-cvs also from yavdr repo.


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