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> > about "Pause and rewind live TV".
> What is live TV there, as it is already recorded ... ?
> Only users which didn't got into VDR and epgsearch timers do call for
> this live buffer function. They hope for a kind of security, which
> this function doesn't really provide.

I disagree, my sister's got a Humax which can pause and rewind, it's
really useful. She's even willing to have inferior picture quality
(older MPEG decoder, analogue SCART etc vs modern TV's inbuilt decoder)
just to be able to pause and rewind.

VDR can already pause, but what if there's a sudden distraction and you
miss something before you can press the pause button? Then rewind is
very nice.

> You want to have a feeling how it feels, if a live buffer is the
> underlying central function in a PVR solution, just go and test
> MythTV.

Do you mean because of slow channel switching? A buffer doesn't have to
cause that, see my other post.

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