Lars Hanisch <> writes:

> Am 07.03.2012 21:43, schrieb Udo Richter:
>> Am 07.03.2012 21:19, schrieb Richard Scobie:
>>> I have found that adding a "sleep 5" to my startup script, between
>>> loading the drivers and starting vdr, has caused it to successfully
>>> survive five reboots.
>> I'm doing an udevadm settle --timeout=30 after load/unload, haven't had
>> any issues with that. Before I had that solution, I was polling for all
>> devices to appear under /dev/dvb, before starting VDR.
>  "udevadm settle" is a nice replacement for a sleep, something learned today, 
> thanks. :-)
> <Advertisement> ;-)
>  This is where the dynamite-plugin comes in (needs a patch for the
> vdr). It creates device-proxies so vdr can start without the actual
> devices. dynamite listens on udev and attachs the devices as they got
> created.
>  This scenario was one of the reasons to develop that plugin...
> </Advertisement>

I use it because it adds ways to detach cards from vdr, reload drivers
and use them again without stopping vdr.

Thanks again for this wonderful plugin !

btw, i haven't tested, does vdr-1.7.24-dynamite-subdevice.patch apply
on 1.7.26+(patches from the ml)


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