On 12.03.2012 00:41, Tony Houghton wrote:
> I can't get Channel 4 HD on Freesat with VDR 1.7.23-1. It just stays
> silent with the picture frozen on the previous channel, or "No signal".
> Any ideas?
> This is my channels.conf entry:
> Channel 4 
> HD;Freesat:11126:VC23M2O0S1:S28.2E:22000:2305=2:2307=NAR@4;2306=eng@106:2309:0:21200:2:2068:0

Works apparently well here with
Channel 4

received with a rather problematic TechnoTrend Budget S2-3200 with CI.

> Not much going on in syslog:


> Mar 11 23:33:38 htpc vdr: [2537] PMT scan idle
> Mar 11 23:33:38 htpc vdr: [2537] EEPG: FreeView Extended EPG detected on pid 
> f02.
> Mar 11 23:33:38 htpc vdr: [2537] Loading table 1 Filename 
> </var/lib/vdr/plugins/eepg/freesat.t1>
> Mar 11 23:33:38 htpc vdr: [2537] Loading table 2 Filename 
> </var/lib/vdr/plugins/eepg/freesat.t2>

Please forgive me for going off-topic, are you actually successfully
using the EEPG plugin without segfaults? If so, which version, what
sources? I dropped using it because it crashed my VDR every now and
then, therefore I missed to record Episode 6/7 of the Top Gear Series 18
which just ended this weekend on BBC HD... On this 6th episode the BBC
folks also surprisingly (for me) rescheduled the repeat on Thursday,
I've always thought they are on Mondays or Wednesdays...

Do you British folks, or more generally, Freesat viewers know of any
working alternatives to the EEPG plugin for the channels on S28.2E?


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