On 14.03.2012 02:17, Torgeir Veimo wrote:
On 14 March 2012 10:57, Frank Neumann<v...@auktion.hostingkunde.de>  wrote:
Hi Tor,

well honestly, I don't think it's one of the patches, it seems for me rather to be again 
somehow "vdr-plugin-extrecmenu".

The VDR version as of today has been tested since 2 month, to become part for stable-vdr 
(first lucid, then natty) and nobody did realize this problem. But I need to mention, 
pretty sure nobody did test extrecmenu, it isn't part of "yavdr-essential".

Could you please try to replay these recordings using the VDRs own 

I simply temporarily removed
/usr/lib/vdr/plugins/libvdr-extrecmenu.so.1.7.22 (just negging it in
oder.conf didn't work) and restarted vdr-dbg. Here's the crashlog from
that run;
Command line:
/usr/bin/vdr-dbg --lirc=/var/run/lirc/lircd -v /srv/vdr/video.00 -c /var/lib/vdr -L 
/usr/lib/vdr/plugins -r /usr/lib/vdr/vdr-recordingaction -s  -E 
/var/cache/vdr/epg.data -u vdr -g /tmp --port 6419 -w 0 -D 1 2 3 -Pxine -r -Plcdproc 
-Piptv -Ptext2skin -Pmenuorg -Pfemon -Pepgsearch -f /usr/bin/svdrpsend -Pxvdr -t 10 
-Pstreamdev-server -Pchannellists -Pdbus2vdr -Pskinenigmang 
--logodir=/usr/share/vdr-enigmang-icons --epgimages=/var/cache/vdr/epgimages -Plive 
--port=8008 --ip= --epgimages=/var/cache/vdr/epgimages -Prestfulapi --port=8002 
--ip= --epgimages=/var/cache/vdr/epgimages 
--channellogos=/usr/share/vdr-channellogos -Pquickepgsearch -Pskinpearlhd 
--epgimages=/var/cache/vdr/epgimages -Pmarkad -Pepgsearchonly -Pwirbelscan 
-Pconflictcheckonly -Pdynamite   &> /tmp/vdr.log

vdr (1.7.22/1.7.22) - The Video Disk Recorder
xine (0.9.4) - Software based playback using xine
lcdproc (0.0.10-jw8) - LCDproc output
iptv (0.4.2) - Experience the IPTV
text2skin (1.3.2+git) - Loader for text-based skins
menuorg (0.4.5) - Reorganizes the main menu
femon (1.7.11) - DVB Signal Information Monitor (OSD)
epgsearch (1.0.1) - search the EPG for repeats and more
xvdr (0.9.5) - VDR-Network-Streaming-Interface (XVDR) Server
streamdev-server (0.5.1-git) - VDR Streaming Server
channellists (0.0.4) - Manage your channellists
dbus2vdr (0.0.2j) - expose methods for controlling vdr via DBus
skinenigmang (0.1.1) - EnigmaNG skin
live (0.2.0) - Live Interactive VDR Environment
restfulapi (0.1.0) - Offers a RESTful-API to retrieve data from VDR
quickepgsearch (0.0.1) - Quick search for broadcasts
skinpearlhd (0.0.1) - PearlHD Skin
markad (0.1.3) - Mark advertisements
epgsearchonly (0.0.1) - Direct access to epgsearch's search menu
wirbelscan (0.0.7) - DVB and pvrinput channel scan for VDR
conflictcheckonly (0.0.1) - Direct access to epgsearch's conflict check menu
dynamite (0.0.9a) - attach/detach devices on the fly

Please run *plain vanilla* VDR 1.7.26 with only the most essential plugins
(which would be the *output* plugin, nothing else) and see if it still
crashes. If it does, please make a tar-archive of this empty recording and
send it to me for further investigation.


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