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Hi, sorry for the late reply...
>Can somebody point out at a resonably priced DVB-S (or DVB-S2) USB2.0
>card to use with VDR?
>I found this one:
>but it seems a bit expensive...

I don't have experience with usb dvb-s tuners but I can report
good success with this dvb-s2 one using the (now) Linux 3.2
v4l/dvb tree under FreeBSD using webcamd:

 Previously on Linux it needed the s2-liplianin tree but apparently
since kernel 3.2 the pctv452e.c driver it uses has finally reached

 I realize this one is not as cheap as you may be able to get an
old dvb-s-only model, but for dvb-s2 it's a pretty good price
I think, and the important thing is unlike some other usb tuners
this one _works_ and isn't picky wrt the usb host or anything like
that. :) (and the remote works too, and you can even use an universal
remote with a pvr350 config using ir-keytable in case you need extra
buttons for things like starting/stopping vdr-sxfe or xbmv-pvr, or
for fullscreen toggle.)


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