I managed to build actuator plugin. As it was stated by Klaus, "Any plugins
that implement cStatus::ChannelSwitch() need to add the parameter  'bool
LiveView' to that function." So it is enough to add "bool LiveView" , for
details please see my PKGBUILD



27 березня 2012 р. 14:55 Dominic Evans <oldma...@gmail.com> написав:

> >>> It is just to remind you that vdr is updated (1.7.27 is now), and that
> impossible to compile actuator plugin against new vdr. I do like your
> plugin, it very useful for channel's scanning. It is better than other
> scanner pluging I tried. Pls, find some time! ;-)
> >>
> >> I'm really sorry, but I have even less time now :-(
> >> I think I won't have time to touch this at least until summer.
> >
> > Where is the latest actuator plugin source? It should be fairly easy
> > to rebase it on top of 1.7.27 api changes.
> It was trivial to make the SystemValuesSat update that you suggested,
> but of course, this still needs VDR to be patched with the rotor patch
> that adds cDvbTuner::SendDiseqcCmd to dvbdevice.c
> https://github.com/oldmanuk/rotorng/
> Has anyone asked Klaus to accept the rotor patch (rebased onto vanilla
> VDR sources) or for him to provide his own implementation of a public
> method on dvbdevice for sending diseqc commands from plugins?
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