On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 12:58:15PM +0300, Mika Iisakkila wrote:
> 27.3.2012 22:49, Pasi Kärkkäinen kirjoitti:
>> I remember using alsa with em8300 already years ago? Was I dreaming? :)
> Perhaps you were using ALSA years ago. As far as I understand, the
> audio layer options in the em8300 drivers are a no-op nowadays and
> it will always try to use register_sound_dsp() etc and these will
> fail without OSS support in the kernel.

"The default audio mode of the em8300 device support utilities and kernel 
modules (em8300 and kmod-em8300-* packages) has changed from OSS to ALSA to 
follow upstream."

So yeah, there shouldn't be need for OSS support in the kernel.

-- Pasi

> Or what do I know, every time I upgrade my VDR installation I spend
> an hour googling dead links and obscure mailing list archives for
> what the "current" version of the drivers might be, and then another
> half an hour finding out how & where to download it. Perhaps there
> is a recent ALSA-only em8300 driver somewhere...
> OSS support was gone in Ubuntu Maverick:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/579300
> ...and I had to do system upgrades Lucid -> Maverick -> Natty ->
> Oneiric to get a 3.0 kernel so I could try the newer VDRs, and
> only then found out the em8300 drivers wouldn't load.
> Anyway, until there's a proper fix for the subtitles, I'm going to
> stay at .22 because it simply works for me, and the new style YLE
> subtitles actually look a lot better with the dxr3. The old
> subtitles always were fat and ugly compared to how they looked
> on deviced that had a proper alpha channel, or whatever the culprit
> with dxr3 is.
> --mika
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