On Saturday 31 March 2012 02:47:39 Richard Scobie wrote:
> If one sets a daily or weekly timer, does EPG schedule time on the day
> override any difference between the two?
> I am thinking of the situation where a weekly timer is set and for
> whatever reason, the broadcaster reschedules one weeks episode, with the
>   EPG showing the correct time, will vdr check the EPG and adjust
> accordingly?

There is a 'Series Link' plugin for VDR which can cope with varying times for 
items in a series, see http://projects.vdr-developer.org/projects/vdrtva

The plugin was written for the UK 'Freeview' DVB-T service, though it should 
work with any implementation of the 'TV Anytime' standard ETSI 102 323.

Though it seems that the NZ DVB-T service was inspired by the UK one, I'm 
unsure how similar they are at the technical level. Some documents I've 
quickly looked at state that the EPG is carried in MHEG-5, others that the TV-
Anytime CRIDs are present in the EIT as they are in the UK.


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