On 01.04.2012 11:27, Dominic Evans wrote:
I recently updated from 1.7.22 to the latest VDR developer snapshot 1.7.27

My DVB-S/DVB-S2 tuners all continued to work fine, but none of my
DVB-T channels were accesible anymore.

Checking the logs I noticed numerous "ERROR: invalid value for
parameter 'S'" entries, whenever attempting to tune to a DVB-T
channel. I presumed this was related to the changes introduced into
1.7.23 for not writing values to channels.conf that weren't valid for
the given delivery system, but I couldn't find anything in the
Changelog that indicated a channels.conf change was needed.

I guessed the simplest way to fix this was to use VDR's channel editor
to 'edit' and save my DVB-T channels, without modifying anything, and
seeing what change was introduced in channels.conf


It is trivial for me to reproduce this for all my channels. However, I
presume this means that scan / w_scan etc. all need to be updated to
generate the new channels.conf format for VDR 1.7.23 and newer?

I'm getting the same here.
Will look into it.


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