Slightly off topic,  am about 6000 miles away, but can someone post an
updated Crystal Palace dvb-t/freeview channels.conf file.  My slingbox is
acting up and, coming from a VDR background, I want to see what the
channels.conf is to work out why.

(If you're slingbox interested, the BBC Mux is missing half its channels
while the slingbox is set to UK, if I set it to Italy, I get all the
muxes/channels but no channel order).  I will probably use the
channels.conf file to work out what the channel mapping is and leave it
on.  The long term plan is to use vdr-iptv and a script to feed slingbox
input into my VDR on this side of the atlantic, just waiting for the
slingbox code in xbmc to turn into a standalone program.)

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