On Saturday 07 April 2012 - 08:43:40, VDR User wrote:
> I don't spread things all over my house ...
> All my bathroom items are in the bathroom. 
> All my kitchen items are in my kitchen. 
> All my office items are in my office.

But you use all that items on different tasks in different places.
I guess, most of us will do.

So imagine a family with 2 parents, 6 children and all of them like the same 
order as above: all bathroom items in the bathroom, all kitchen items in the 
kitchen, ...
But every person knows to distinguish its own items from the others items in 
the same room. There's no problem in real life.

So why don't you want allow such an order in vdr-systems?
Imagine the bathroom items are the vdrs databases, the kitchen is the 
recording root and the office is the binary and configuration...

> ... if my personal preference & opinion offends you, ...

NO - it does not!

I support the freedom of every individual to live at its own taste.

I can support your different way of thinking without the need to like the way 
you live. And of cause without to follow your way of living.

> maybe you shouldn't value other peoples preferences &
> opinions so much because it's not a big deal.

I don't argue about other people preferences.

May be you lost the start of discussion.

I only argued against the *comment* which I understand as kind of offending 
people, that like things in order. I don't mind, if you laugh about my way of 
living / thinking.

But putting such a comment in the INSTALL instructions, that everyone needs to 
read, that likes to install a vdr on its own - is not a trivial matter. 
Such a comment in code is no problem at all, but INSTALL or help-files or other 
*public* files is quite different.

In OO-terms, the INSTALL is part of the public interface and that comment is 
not right for the public interface. It might be ok, in the internal stuff.
I laughed a lot when I first read it, but my humor may not be standard  ;)

Well, that's my thoughts. 
I'm not known to be very polite, but I try to improve myself every day a bit 

kind regards


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