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On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 11:25 AM, Gero<>  wrote:
Well, *I* think, that there's a big difference between keeping things in order
compared to spreading things all over the place.
I can't stand when things are installed all over the place. It's too
messy and pointless in my opinion. I'm in the habit of simply running
VDR from it's source dir and using symlinks. It makes things very easy
like archiving working/test sources, changing between versions without
any needless 'reinstall'ing, etc. I see no benefit what-so-ever to
installing over running VDR from the source dir, unless of course
you're using pre-compiled binaries.

I do not think that you would do this with your entire Linux system.... ;-)

Before the file hierarchy standard, Linux was a bit messy. Nowadays one
knows where to find things. Configuration for example in /etc - a no brainer.
It makes life much easier, e.g. when backing up the system's configuration.

You can (guessed) most probably still start your VDR with the directories
given as commandline arguments. Sure, this means some custom script
for you. But the FHS helps many other people.

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