Am 06.04.2012 15:01, schrieb Christopher Reimer:
> could someone please review the attached patch? It's originally posted
> by Maniac in this thread -->

On the original topic, I see room for one improvement:

The defaults of the new --cachedir and --resdir parameter are the
defaults set by Make.config's CACHEDIR and RESDIR. This is a minimal
change in behavior to previous versions, where these were handled by
--video and --config. So any old VDR that gets updated will behave
different in case that --video or --config is set, and now needs to also
have --cachedir and --resdir set. On the other hand, there needs to be a
way for distributions to set their defaults so that VDR finds them

My suggestion:
Allow to keep the default CACHEDIR and RESDIR un-set (empty), and if
--cachedir or --resdir is not present, default to whatever --video and
--config is actually set to. That way, the package builder can decide
whether to set CACHEDIR and RESDIR or not, and if they're set, he has to
make sure that the startup scripts get modified to support --cachedir
and --resdir if necessary.

For an extra, an explicit --cachedir="" and --resdir="" could also
override an explicit CACHEDIR and RESDIR and revert to duplicating
--video and --config.



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