On 08.04.2012 09:51, Manuel Reimer wrote:
Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Note, though, that after version 2.0 this "multiple disk handling" will
be deprecated and later dropped. So I suggest in a template it should
be /srv/vdr/video, without the '0' at the end.

In my opinion, this way a great feature of VDR would be lost.

This method may have been useful in the old days where large
harddisks were unavailable or hard to come by. Now we're living
in the age of terabyte disks, and setting up a VDR with 1TB of
video storage (even using a second disk to have a RAID-1 for
data safety) os no big deal any more.

 There is *no* alternative to easily add more space to VDR.

Isn't LVM the keyword here?

At any rate, I want to get rid of that symlink stuff and allow
VDR to "see" only one big video directory. Of course there may
still be other volumes mounted on subdirectories of that video


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