On Sunday 08 April 2012 - 09:54:52, Manuel Reimer wrote:
> Steffen Barszus wrote:
> > vdr has 2 types of conf files -
> > 1) internal databases - like channels.conf, setup.conf
> > 2) real conf files like scr.conf, diseqc.conf etc
> I don't think so. VDR has two types of conf files, but they are:
> - Files that are editable via OSD
> - Files that *should be* editable via OSD
Well, then the vdr has a third category of conf files:

 - Files, that are written without user interaction

and such files are *definitely* *not* config-files, even if they have conf-
extension. Some folks called such conf-files databases.
Handle the writing of conf-files by user interaction (OSD or replacements) 
could be wrapped by a write-enablement-script or function, so config-files 
stil reside on RO-media.

>From my point of understanding, the FHS discussion is not focused on the 
config-files, that could not be managed by OSD, but is focused on the point, 
when config-files are written.

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