Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> > Try mhddfs
> Now that sounds like a very good alternative!
> I'd say this puts the final nail into this VDR feature's coffin ;-)

ACK. Revoking my vote for the old feature. I hope that mhddfs is well 
maintained. Seems to be a pretty good alternative. Still a bit work to set up 
but much easier and has less disadvantages as LVM.

> BTW: let's not hijack this thread any longer (sorry for doing this
> initially).
> This is about the FHS patch, so let's hear ACKs or NACKs for that.

ACK from me, but without the last additions by Christopher (more complex 
handling of directory paths based on whether the new parameters to VDR are 

My primary focus is on the "Resource Directory" but the "Cache Directory" is a 
nice addition. So far, many plugin developers place resource data in the 
"Config Directory", just as this directory can easily be retrieved via plugin 

I agree that, in theory, we would need another directory for "non VDR writable 
config files" like the svdrphosts.conf file, but I think we should at first 
take what we have. Future additions are always possible.


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