Am 08.04.2012 11:36, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
> At any rate, I want to get rid of that symlink stuff and allow
> VDR to "see" only one big video directory.

Sorry for being OT, just wanted to extend my thought of the last
post-2.0-offtopic discussion: Modularize.

Defining an interface for 'video storage' thingys, together with the
ability to have several storages loaded at the same time, would allow to
have plain old /video storage and (maybe as plugin) remote network
storages. It would also allow to have more than one local storage.
(Maybe a storage backend that read/writes AVI or MKV?)
And if the old, ugly symlink system gets dropped, it could even be
continued by a compatibility plugin.

There are tons of more possibilities here, but we should delay that to



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