On 08.04.2012 18:38, Patrick Boettcher wrote:

I located a small bug which has been introduced in 1.7.18 (at least I think
so). Reading the Changes file I could not determine which change caused it,
but the problem is the following.

In pat.c: if the PMT of a service has a stream of stream-type  128 (0x80)
the vpid is overridden with the PID signalled in the Elementary-PID-field of
this stream. This happens to be the case here in France for some of the DVB-
T services. It breaks 2 channels (France 2 and France 5) when channel-
updates is at least configured to "update PIDs".

The code which is doing that is described as "STREAMTYPE_USER_PRIVATE -
DigiCipher II VIDEO (ANSI/SCTE 57)" which before was only applied when the
stream had a certain descriptor and there a certain type.

The attached patch resets the code to do exactly that for STREAMTYPE 0x80 -
though can't check whether the digiCipher-stuff is still working.

+                          // http://www.smpte-ra.org/mpegreg/mpegreg.html
+                          ...
+                          case 0x44434949: // STREAMTYPE_USER_PRIVATE - 
DigiCipher II VIDEO (ANSI/SCTE 57)

There is no entry for 44-43-49-49 on the given page.


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