Am 09.04.2012 11:54, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
> However, there is one thing in the current behavior that I would even
> consider a bug: if one starts VDR with
>   vdr -v /mydir
> it uses /mydir as the video directory, but still uses /video for the
> configuration files. I believe that as long as there is no explicit
> -c option given, the config directory should follow what's given in
> the -v option.

You're sure about -c following -v? It worked that way until 1.5.8, but
has been dropped in favor of the final changes regarding CONFDIR in
1.5.11. I don't see any reason to change that. Or did you mess up
--config with --cachedir? Happened to me too.

In the latter case:
In my patch, the cacheDirectory follows the VideoDirectory, even if the
latter is set by --video, but only as long as CACHEDIR is un-set. (Same
applies to --config and RESDIR.)

I'm not sure whether this should also be the case if VDR is compiled to
be FHS compliant. In that case users should know about the various
folders, and setting a --video directory should not have precedence over
CACHEDIR=/var/lib/vdr. The only thing I could think of is to check
whether CACHEDIR==VIDEODIR, and only then let cacheDirectory follow
--video, but I would prefer to not use such hacks.

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