On 14.04.2012 22:42, VDR User wrote:
> For that price it better come with one! It also better be a high
> quality remote and not some cheap plastic chinese production at that
> price.


i never had one in hand but remember things from reelbox forum and vdrportal

it doesnt come with a ir receiver, the reelbox receiver is integrated in
the frontpanel (/dev/input/rbfp0) and has a special firmware that
includes code for ir
(available as spare part from rmm as part of the case kit, 109€)
they also have a special remote vdr plugin (source in the rmm svn)

afaik the preselected layout for the reelbox is not rc5 (at least not
entirely, i remember something about pronto codes) but the remote will
be programmable and its a universal remote with the usual preprogrammed

about the new one i have no further info's except what rmm has published
but i wold expect the same preselected layout as the old one has

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