Hello list,

My VDR box with dvbhddevice is connected through an Onkyo HTX-22D
2.1 home cinema set to my new Samsung UE32D6530 TV.

I enabled HDMI-CEC on both the Samsung and the Onkyo. This works nicely,
the Onkyo automatically switches on and off with the TV, and the Samsung
remote operates on the Onkyo volume.

Now I also need to enable HDMI-CEC in the dvbhddevice. If I don't, my
Onkyo will deselect VDR as an input source after a few seconds, and I have
to manually reselect it using the Onkyo remote.

But if I do enable HDMI-CEC in VDR, I cannot switch off the TV. If I use the
Samsung remote to switch off the TV, both the TV and the Onkyo will
switch off, but both will switch on again after a few seconds. I need to
pull the HDMI plug from my VDR box before I can switch off the TV.

I'm using Fedora 16 x86_64 with VDR 1.7 RPM's from rawhide. I recently
upgraded from 1.7.22 to 1.7.27, because I could see there are new HDMI-CEC
options. The old version just had one option, enable or disable. The new version has the extra options to no switch on and off the TV. I have these new options
set to disabled. Still my TV switches on when connected to VDR.

BTW, it would be cool if "shut down" VDR could be interpreted as shutdown just
the hardware decoder part on the dvbhddevice, but leave the tuners running.
I don't want my VDR box to be shut down for any reason, but stopping the hardware decoder when not viewing could possibly save some power and heat dissipation.


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