there is a long discussion at http://www.vdr-portal.de/board16-video-disk-
recorder/board55-vdr-plugins/111788-wunschkonzert-livebuffer-plugin/ (german) 
about the old livebuffer patch and how a new one could look alike.

Since I'm missing some features of a "real" livebuffer very much and have some 
ideas how this could be implemented in an effective and less-invasive way I 
started to familiarize myself into the VDR source.

I still have problems to understand the way the stream data takes from the the 
dvb device to the screen. I would be very thankfully if you can help me to get 
the "big picture". These are my assumptions. Please correct me where I'm 
wrong, and complete where I missed some point.

There's a cDevice, I think that's an abstraction of the real hardware. 
cReceiver controls the device by selecting a channel and transportings stream 
data to the player. This means, if you watch a show and record another on the 
same device there would be one device and two receivers. 

A device could also be a foreign source, e.g. in streamdev.

A special receiver is cRecorder. It just selects a channel and writes the 
stream data into a file.

What is cPlayer? As cTransfer implements both cReceiver and cTransfer I 
thought about it as some kind of frontend abstraction (FF-output, xine, 
streamdev-server). But it seems that cPlayer directly acts on cDevice, and 
that doesn't make sense to me at the moment.

Furthermore, I'm still not quote sure where all these components where 
attached to each other.

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