2012/4/25 Timothy D. Lenz <tl...@vorgon.com>

> There is a plugin called EPGSync that will copy guide date from one
> channel to another where it is missing based on channel names. It has some
> drawbacks, but does work. I pull guide date of Dishnets sat for local
> channels because they go out 9 days and the yocals that run the local
> stations are sometimes doing good to get a few hours out. Once they do send
> out data even if it's just the name but no discription, all the guide data
> for the channel/time is replaced with the new data.
> Epgsearch will then set up timers when the dishnet data comes in and
> because it is the same on both channels, it would set up timers for both,
> but as the dishnet channels are scrambled, I just limit the search to the
> ota channels.
> I'm using the exact same approach for some italian channels.
However, I was not aware of that plugin... I'm using a perl script I hacked
myself that copies epg from one channel to another, I can provide it if
anyone's interested

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