version 0.1.2 of EnigmaNG native VDR skin has been released. You can
get it from http://andreas.vdr-developer.org/enigmang

Please note that starting with this release the "hqlogos" folder is no
longer supported.
All channel logos must be located in the "logos" folder.

Have fun!

*** Changes from v0.1.1 to v0.1.2 ***
- Changed: Use vdr fuctions to determine signal strength (Closes #811).
- Added: Hungarian translation (Provided by István Füley).
- Fixed: Don't use deprecated member access (introduced in VDR 1.7.21).
- Changed: Increased max values for image/logo width/height and logo cache.
- Fixed: Handle case if curent event starts in the future in channel
info OSD (Fixes #649).
- Fixed: width of a timer's title in menu OSD info area (Closes #633).
- Included: Catalan translation (Submitted by Innocent De Marchi).
- Updated: Italian translation (Provided by Diego Pierotto).
- Fixed: Displaying Content Descriptor in EPG details.
- Added: New setup options for height and width of channel logos area.
- Changed: Look for channel logos only in "logos" folder ("hqlogos"
folder no longer supported).

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