On 30.04.2012 18:07, Carsten Koch wrote:

my dish is directed at Astra 19.2E.
However, many of the new entries VDR automatically appends
to the end of my channels.conf are :S23.5E:!?

I have recently removed all :S23.5E: lines,
but they came back immediately:

cko/vdrconfig> fgrep :S23.5E: channels.conf | wc
152 352 16541
cko/vdrconfig> fgrep :S19.2E: channels.conf | wc
1266 2774 122268

Does anyone know why I am getting :S23.5E:
entries in a :S19.2E:-only setup?

Is this a bug or am I missing somerhing?

I am using vdr-1.7.26.

If you send me your channels.conf (without the S23.5E channels), diseqc.conf
and setup.conf I could try to reproduce this here.


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