Hi ML. I had noticed that several of my channels were missing from the
epg list. It turns out this is because VDR will exclude any channels
from epg list that don't have epg data. It made more sense to me that
rather than excluding those channels, they be listed with "No data
available" so the channels are at least still accessible from the epg
list. Otherwise the user has to exit the epg, navigate to the channels
list and find them there.

Since it's probably safe to assume most users spend most of their time
in the epg list when in the osd, doesn't it also make sense that the
full channel list should be available there as a matter of
convenience? Klaus recommended I pose this to the ML and if see if
others agreed. If so, he'll adopt the idea.

So in consideration of the above, do you think the epg list should
display _all_ channels, including those without any guide data, giving
those channels "No data available". Or, do you think the epg list
should exclude channels without guide data and leave those channels
only accessible elsewhere?

Thanks for your input

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