On 28.04.2012 10:04, Matti Lehtimäki wrote:
On 04/26/2012 08:49 AM, Marx wrote:
Is this plugin able to fix bad codepage on EPG? Some polish channels
broadcast EPG in non-standard codepage and instead of patching VDR I
think about using this plugin

Not sure if this is possible with the current version since I'm not
familiar with that problem. Could you send me some more information
regarding this issue (including the patch you are currently using) and
I'll look into it.

Here is the patch and it's working, hovewer I don't like idea of patching VDR source

As I understand it blindly convert all "bad" character which is probably incompatible with other languages, so there is no sense to integrate it with VDR and personally I would prefer having it in plugin.

The best of course would be to force broadcasters to fix codepage issue, but... :)


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