Am 09.05.2012 19:29, schrieb Lars Hanisch:
> Hi,
> Am 09.05.2012 16:39, schrieb Midas:
> [...]
>> 2. I got completely confused in how vdr might count devices. As
>> described i have two satellite and one terrestial device.
> [...]
>  You can try to set the adapter number with the module parameter
> "adapter_nr", so the devices have the same order on every boot. That
> will remove one possible cause of failure.
>  See "modinfo <driver>".

i did already. yet the two dvbs cards are still device 2 and 3 in the
device bonding setup in the osd and 0 and 1 in the module params. I will
report if the dvbt/dvbs confusion happens again.



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