to pick out one of the problems i am currently experiencing with lnb
sharing i am starting a new thread.
With device bonding or same cable usage (vdr 1.7.27 / 21 resp.) set, vdr
absolutely fails to tune to any satellite channel after a restart. The
only chance to regain tuning is to set up the devices individually, then
switch to some channel, then switch between devices via femon and then
set up back to lnb sharing /device bonding. This is not reliable and it
may be necessary to repeat the steps until vdr finally works as
expected. Afterwards there seem to be at least no serious problems with
the setup and vdr keeps tuning as expected (yet maybe from time to time
it looses live pic when switching polarization on timer start).

Adapters (with indices set by module params):
MSI TV@nywhere Satellite II PCI (Mantis / stb0899) adapter_nr=0
Technisat Skystar HD PCI (TT S3200 clone / stb0899) adapter_nr=1
Hauppauge WinTV Nova T-Stick (mt2060) adapter_nr=2

-This is a Diseqc setup.
-The MSI card replaces my old Twinhan VP1020 SD DVBS device. In the old
setup i had lnb sharing running for months but it turned out to be
necessary to patch the Twinhan driver preventing it from sending any
voltage signal, to achieve reliable switching between V and H.

Something is wrong in how vdr administrates / sets up the master device
(on restart).



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