>Hi All,
>I have a PC running vdr. On this PC i cannot watch TV using vdr-sxfe. I
>have a laptop, on this laptop I can connect to the PC using vdr-sxfe. On
>my laptop I can watch TV without any problems.
>All was working properly, until I ran 12 concurrent instances of vdr-sxfe
>on my PC. Next I did a "killall vdr-sxfe" and then cut the power from my
>PC. I guess I've lost or corrupted a file somewhere on my PC, but i can't
>figure out which one.

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I have backed-up and emptied my home directory on the PC, (and restored 
Now vdr-sxfe works perfectly again. Now the hunt is on to see what file vdr-sxfe
does not like. But for now, my origional problem is solved.

Best regards,


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